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We bring your ideas to life.

Serenity Web Solutions

We bring your ideas to life.

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Put your best foot forward.

The average visitor to your website will decide within 1-3 seconds(!) whether or not to stay on your site or move on. You need a web expert that understands the psychology behind marketing buzzwords like "user experience" and "customer journey", as well as the technical expertise needed to play nice with search engines so your customers can find you in the first place.

That's where we come in. Let us do the heavy lifting for your web presence, and help you put your best foot forward for your customers. Here are just a few facts about us:

Based in Brandon, Mississippi, USA

Women-owned and operated

We work with companies locally as well as internationally

8 years of experience


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Success Stories

Working with Ashley was amazing! I have worked with other website designers but continuously felt like I was doing the work and not really getting a customized website for my business. With Ashley, she took my ideas and transformed my website into a beautiful tool my business. Not only did she have an eye for design, but added special details customized to my site, she made it functional with all those web necessities such as SEO, making sure keywords appeared when clients who search for wedding planning type that into the search, gave me great tips on how to adjust my site easily, and ideas to make my site more appealing to clients with things like MailChimp and blogging tips. I'm not embarrassed by my site anymore, I happily direct clients to the site and I know they are getting all the info they need. I have even seen an increase in contacts from potential clients. I'm thrilled to have found Ashley and planned to work with her again in the future for other projects. She is friendly, works efficiently, and is professional. I can't recommend her enough! Thank you Ashley for all your help you really made a big difference in my business 🙂

Ashley Vancil-Savage (wedding planner)

Yesterday I needed a rapid change in my business website. My wife was travelling that night and in a few day she will be delivering a speech at an event and potentially gaining more clients. I needed a new sales page where customers could buy our product by credit card, and I needed this done right away. A friend of mine referred me to Ashley. Since the momentI got with her over email her service has been outstanding. I thought I was going to be chasing somebody to make sure this was done right away but this was quite the opposite. She not only completed the tasks right away but she was guiding me through to make the right decitions all alone. Needsless to say the page was done in no time and the price was very reasonable compared with the outstanding, professional job she delivered. I will definitely recommend her if she are looking for honest, competent, and efficient website work.

Wency Severi

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